Emerging Technologies and Trends in LatAm Healthcare: The medikana Perspective

December 4, 2023

Healthcare in Latin America is changing fast, driven by new digital innovations and technology. Here at medikana, we're keeping a close eye on these changes as they move healthcare from a basic service to something more personal and focused on each patient. Let's dive into the key trends and technologies that are changing the face of healthcare in Latin America.

  1. Embracing Digital Healthcare:

The use of AI, data analytics, and electronic medical records is changing how healthcare is delivered in Latin America. It's becoming more efficient and based on actual data. Chile is leading the way in this, showing other countries in the region how it's done. At the same time, personalized medicine is becoming more popular. This approach uses a person's genetic and clinical data to create tailor-made treatments. It's expensive and complex, but it has the potential to make health care much better by focusing on what each patient needs.

  1. AI and Big Data: Transforming Cancer Care and Beyond

AI and big data are making a big difference in cancer care. They're making diagnosis and treatment more precise. These technologies are great for handling complex conditions like cancer, and they're also useful in other areas of healthcare. They offer new ways to diagnose, plan treatment, and manage patient care.

  1. Tackling Healthcare Infrastructure Challenges with Digital Solutions:

In Latin America, there are big challenges in healthcare infrastructure and access. Digital health, including telemedicine and mobile health (mHealth), is helping to tackle these issues. For example, during the pandemic in Argentina, over 130,000 telemedicine consultations were done, and 72% of these were via mobile phones. The growth of mHealth, thanks to the widespread use of mobile technology, is improving healthcare in areas that once had limited access.

  1. Investment Surge and Market Growth in Health Sector:

Investment in Latin America's healthcare sector is on the rise. For instance, health spending in Brazil is expected to reach 8.4% of its GDP by 2030. The Mexican medical devices market is now worth $10 billion, showing that the region is becoming a big player in health technology. This growing market is set to change healthcare in the region.

  1. Technolatinas Leading Innovation:

An important trend in the region is the rise of 'technolatinas' – tech-focused Latin American companies leading healthcare innovation. These companies start small but are quickly moving into advanced areas of healthcare. Their growth is changing the healthcare industry in Latin America, focusing on innovative, tech-driven solutions.

The evolution in Latin America's healthcare sector offers significant opportunities for US medtech companies. As the region becomes a hub for healthcare innovation, medikana is ideally positioned to help these companies navigate and capitalize on this evolving market. Our expertise enables meaningful partnerships, fostering global health innovation and allowing US companies to effectively engage with this dynamic and technologically receptive region.